Courses Taught

The French Revolution and Napoleon (seminar): Full Syllabus

Church and State in Modern Europe (seminar)

Religion and Nationalism in Modern Europe (seminar)

Development of the Social Sciences in Modern Europe (seminar)

Revolution and Secularization in Nineteenth-Century Europe (seminar)

Modern Europe 1815-1914

Modern Europe 1914-Present

World War I in Modern European Culture: Full Syllabus

France, 1648-1815

France 1815-Present

Religion in Modern Europe

Western Civilization to 1500

Western Civilization after 1500: Full Syllabus

Dissertation/Thesis Director

Samuel Jennings (M.A., 2016).  “Oklahoma Catholicism: The Contributions of French Monastic Foundations.”

Chelsea Medlock (Ph.D., 2015). “Remembering the Forgotten Legions: the Veteranization of British War Horses, 1850-1950.”  

Hannah Comodeca (M.A., 2014), “No Spoke in the Wheel:  The German Evangelical Church and the Nazi State.”

Sean Webb (M.A., 2013), “Battling the Status Quo: The Discourse of the British Union of Fascists, 1932-1940.”

Carla Prince (M.A. 2013), “Sir Walter Scott, Queen Victoria, the Railways, and Scottish Romanticism.”

Chelsea Medlock (M.A., 2009), “Delayed Obsolescence: The Horse in European and American Warfare from the Crimean War to the Second World War.”

Megan Stewart (M.A., 2003), “Art and Architecture as Pedagogy during the French Revolutionary Festivals: Jacques Louis David and Others.”

Krista Schnee (M.A., 2001), “The Origins of Modern Wicca.”

Richard Faillace (Ph.D., 2000), “Prisoners of Cold War: Soviet and US Exploitation of Korean War Prisoners, 1950-1956.” Co-director

Mark A. Tate (Ph.D., 1998), “The Eremitical Ideal of Ignatius of Loyola.” Co-director

Paul Vickery (Ph.D., 1996), “The Prophetic Call and Message of Bartolomé de Las Casas (1484-1566)”: Bartolomé de Las Casas: Great Prophet of the Americas (New Jersey: Paulist Press, 2006).

Tami Moore (M.A., 1993), “His Exercises in Thinking Aloud: Tracing the Relationship between Science and Beauty in Diderot’s Aesthetic.”